Carciofo Violetto _ Niscemi
Pulitura a mano dei Carciofi
Carciofo Violetto _ Niscemi
Pulitura del Carciofo
Limoni di Sicilia
Limoni di Sicilia
Cuori di Carciofo
Invasettamento dei Cuori di Carciofo
Limoni di Sicilia
Confezionamento Carciofina Reina

Artichokes are gathered soon in the morning and then transported to the factory where they are immediately

cleaned and packaged within the day.

Once in the factory they are minutely hand cut, immersed in a solution of water and lemon and then put into

glass jars filled with water, salt and a small percentage of vinegar.

To sterilize the product and allow a long storage we also carry out a pasteurization process:

hence the packaged artichokes maintain their organoleptic characteristics for about two years.



Tomatoes are gathered and transported to the factory where they are immediately washed and

hand cut into two halves held together by a fine layer of their own peel:

this characteristic procedure is aimed to guarantee and highlight 

the manual processing of the product.


Then, we lay tomatoes on white net sheets, we salt them and place them outside,

in a sunny area, to dry for a couple of days, during which they are constantly monitored

by our qualified personnel.


Once dry, tomatoes are brushed with EVO oil, gently stretched and stretched to get back their original shape and finally, a basil leaf is placed between the two halves



At this stage, our Sun dried Tomatoes and Capuliatu are ready to be packed under vacuum 

or in glass jars, where they maintain their organoleptic characteristics for 18 months.

Typical Sicilian

Canned Food

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